city lights orchestra

How To...

- Connect your computer / tablet / TV to : the screen immediately starts pulsating and plays its personal score. If this does not work, check your browser compatibility (Explorer 10, Safari 5.0, Chrome 8, Opera 11, Firefox 4).

- Check that the screen saver and the stand-by and hibernation functions of the computer are disabled, so that it does not turn off automatically  (System preferences on Macintosh. Right-click on the desktop on Windows).

- Tune your screen to make it as bright as possible : put your browser full-screen, raise the screen brightness if possible (buttons on the screen).

- Turn off the lighting of your apartment and find the best visibility for the brightness of your screen through the window. From the outside, your window should look like a light box, a giant pixel.

A window covered with a veil, paper, translucent tracing paper, or kitchen paper towel diffuses the light towards the outside


For a transparent high rise window, lighting the ceiling is seen from street level.


For a transparent low rise window, lighting the back wall is seen from street level.


Turn the screen towards the light curtain if there is one, or towards the white ceiling or the wall opposite the window if not too far. A simple and effective solution is to attach paper sheets or kitchen paper towel to the windows and to turn the screen towards it. DO not turn the screen towards a transparent window, the light gets lost in the sky, nor towards opaque curtains as no light goes through. You can go in the street to check the best visibility for your apartment. The web site will be active a few weeks before the event so that you can make tests.

- Go out in the street and enjoy the show on your building and on the ones of the neighborhood, around hot drinks with your friends and neighbors ! Your window has become a giant pixel playing its score of the visual symphony alongside all the other windows of the neighborhood.

- In the street, make your smartphone pulsate in rhythm with the windows, by connecting it to !

© Antoine Schmitt 2012